Transportable & Off-Site Manufacturing Features & Benefits

  • Reduced time frames as your home can be constructed at the same time as the necessary site works.
  • Ensures quality control & milestone QA checks in a controlled environment with protection from the elements.
  • High level of Health & Safety and better conditions for construction workers.
  • Less transport and traffic on your site minimising disruption, reducing risk & carbon footprint.
  • Less wastage & better waste management reducing costs & impact on the environment.
  • Carefully considered set designs takes the stress out of decision making and helps speed up the build process.
  • Your home can be moved in the future or on sold.

Features & Benefits:

Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGS)

  • Resistant to rot, fungus, borer & insect damage
  • Avoids shrinkage, warping, swelling, splitting & sagging.
  • Non-combustible with less toxins released in case of fire.
  • Built to last – Built straight, stays straight.
  • Resistant to storm, water damage & damp environments.
  • Better equipped to handle high winds up to hurricane force & earthquakes.
  • No hazardous chemicals which could leach into the home environment contributing to allergies such as asthma.
  • LGS production produces wastage as low as 1% with the ability to be recycled.
  • Reduced production timeframes.
  • LGS allows for more control in construction ensuring a superior quality product.
  • Your transportable home can be on sold and transported to another location.
  • Frames can be recycled once house has reached end of life or is no longer of use.

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