Step One:

Consultation/Desktop Estimation/Product Selection

  • Once you have selected a design form our catalogue along with any optional extras, we can walk through the transportable processes, logistics and discuss the suitability of your site and location.
  • We will walk you through a high-level estimation of costs and any costs that potentially need to be expected.
  • We will talk budget & financial details around funding the project.


Step Two:


  • This is a more in-depth investigation into all aspects of your project, related costs, and requirements. This will be outlined in a Preliminary Assessment Agreement. For a small fee we will liaise with consultants to produce required reports such as Engineers & Surveyors, or if you already have or can supply any site information, this will give us a more accurate understanding of costs related to your site.


Step Three:

Project Confirmation/Final Pricing/Consenting/Contract

  • We will provide a detailed costing breakdown along with a contract of agreed conditions.
  • Once all the information from the Preliminary Assessment has been presented the concept & consenting phase can begin. We can organise your site building consent or support you through the process.
  • You will engage contractors and confirm quotes, we can support you through this. Dates for on-site works will be set for both pre-transport and site works once house is landed. We can assist with recommended contractors and answer any questions you have about this stage.


Step Four:

Consent Lodging.

  • We will lodge the consent for the building of your new home.
  • You will lodge the consent for your siteworks. (Roughly 20 working days). We can assist with this process and answer any questions you may have.


Step Five:

Construction/Code of Compliance Certification

  • Construction will start immediately after consents are granted.
  • Site works will start simultaneously.
  • Final inspections of your new home and the issue of Code of Compliance Certificate.


Step Six:

Transport/Connections/Site works completed/Site Code of Compliance

  • Transportation of your new home and connection to site. Service connections, electrical, water, fibre etc.
  • Your contractors will finish site works like decks, base boards, and landscaping site works.
  • Your siting Council will issue final Code of Compliance Certificate.
  • Time to enjoy your new home.

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